Disappointing frailty?

Being human is not easy. On the contrary. It’s extremely hard. It is a constant running from one appointment to the next, one big life event to the next. We have to make money so we can feed our family, help our children to become responsible adults so that they can make money and support their families. Being human is about constantly falling and constantly trying to get up again. And sometimes we fail. Sometimes we stay there on the ground, without hope, without faith. When we fail we constantly disappoint God.
Sometimes it seems that being human is nothing but a struggle, that life is nothing but a purgatory we have to go through and overcome as good and as obedient to God as possible so that God gives us our eternal reward: A place, or a state of being where all pain is forgotten and all loss amended.

Isn’t there even a story in the bible that speaks of Jesus’ own disappointment in human failure?

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Do it like God!

The Lord is closer to us than we are to ourselves. Although he is incredibly different this difference doesn’t manifest itself in distance. It is because he is so different that he can be so close to us. Closer than we can be to ourselves.
And the invisible glory, greatness and difference of God become visible in the limitations, the vulnerability, the familiarity of Jesus, one of us. God must have seen potential in the human weaknesses like anger, despair, weakness of will, suffering, vulnerability, fear, and so on. Why?
Because that is what he “forced” himself to experience in Jesus. So the things we are afraid of, the emotions we call weaknesses are what make us human and are therefore what in God’s eyes is so precious about us.
All there is, is therefore:
Do it like God.
Become human!

by Franziska

God Who?!

People have always searched for higher beings. Something or someone who guides the fate of us and the world. Some call them angels, gods, spirits, or as in the monotheistic religions, just God.
I call that power the Other. And I think that Other has two sides. There is that spark of something more than simple matter in all of us, in all that is. That is actually measurable. One might call it the energy that keeps the matter together and that probably communicates with itself beyond the boundaries of matter. Also that is measurable. It’s basically the relationship between humans, humans and animals, humans and the world etc.

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