God Who?!

People have always searched for higher beings. Something or someone who guides the fate of us and the world. Some call them angels, gods, spirits, or as in the monotheistic religions, just God.
I call that power the Other. And I think that Other has two sides. There is that spark of something more than simple matter in all of us, in all that is. That is actually measurable. One might call it the energy that keeps the matter together and that probably communicates with itself beyond the boundaries of matter. Also that is measurable. It’s basically the relationship between humans, humans and animals, humans and the world etc.

And then there is the other Other so to speak. A counterpart. Something, someone as they say, that is so completely different from us that that difference allows an incredible closeness. A force or maybe a being that is so powerful that it is eternal and therefore doesn’t need anything from us, doesn’t want anything from us. The Other in his /her/their otherness doesn’t need prayers or money, doesn’t need rules or laws, doesn’t even need religion. And that allows it to love freely.
Let call the Other God, okay? Some say that God needs us, needs the relationship with us to understand that he is good. Poor thing. I didn’t know he was so small. I didn’t know we were so important. What about this: God knows he is eternal by watching galaxies being born and die. He knows about his omnipresence because his energy that is beyond matter lives in everything and so he knows and feels everything. As if everything there is, is God. But God is even more than what is.
You know that stupid little challenge? Can God create a stone that is so heavy that he can’t lift it? Whatever you reply, you always seem to admit that he isn’t omnipotent. But people make God small by saying such things. Yes, he can create such a stone and yes, he can still lift it. We don’t have to understand that.

God didn’t create us to be how we are. We are awesome the way we are because we are a part of God but we are not exactly planned. Evolution could have turned out in many other ways. Yet God loves what happens. It’s a continuous creation, the evolution. And the part of God that is not in everything starts creating relationships. Just imagine. A being that feels the heat of a black hole and the icy emptiness of intergalactic space forever. That being doesn’t NEED anything. Yet… it starts relationships with us. And wants to love us. How good must we be, how beautiful, if that being wants to be in a relationship with us! Well, who says we are the only ones? Who says he was lonely before us? Who says that he in his utter Otherness cannot be in very intimate and loving relationships with stars or black holes? Or trees? We can’t grasp God and therefore have to make him small.
Oh but maybe we can. Tonight, when it’s dark look up into the stars and realize that you are not a tiny thing on a tiny planet in a meaningless galaxy. Realize that you are related to every star out there and that all there is Him, is One. And you are a part of that. And forever will be. And within and beyond that Oneness someone loves you. That is God.

by Franziska

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