5 New Year’s resolutions that you can actually keep

1. Greet yourself with a smile every morning in the mirror. Remind yourself that you are just the way God wanted you to be. You were made so that God, the greatest lover of all, can love you. Remind yourself of how amazing you are and that you are worth it! Because no matter what faults others see in you, God loves you for who you are.

2. Look at the people you meet every day with love. Not just friends and family but everyone. Try to find something good and beautiful in every single person you meet. You will see how full of wonder, hope and love this world really is when you realize that every single one out there was made so that God can love them.

3. Open your eyes to the rest of the planet, the animals, the environment. Try to understand every day anew that they are God’s present to all of us and should therefore be treated with care and respect.

4. Take a deep breath every morning and open your heart to the truth that God doesn’t need anything from you. God is greater than we can ever understand. God doesn’t need your money, or your time. God doesn’t even need your faith. God is okay with your doubts, okay with your fears. God is okay with you the way you are, so never feel pressured by other people to give God what they thing God needs from you.

5. Go to bed every night with a smile because guess what, you are loved and you will still be loved when you wake up.

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