Who are we?

The two main people behind Wet Feet Ministry are Lisa and Franziska Garner. They are currently living in Lubbock, Texas.

Let’s find out more about Lisa first:

2015-11-21 18.10.23

I’m Lisa Garner. I’ve been a laity preacher and Bible teacher for 32 years. I was raised in the Church of Christ, (a very conservative group not to be confused with the UNITED Church of Christ) where I was devastated to learn, at the age of 12, that girls were not allowed to be preachers! Then God brought me to an understanding that I was created purposely and joyfully as a lesbian. At the age of 17, I came to MCC Lubbock – a congregation affiliated with Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (where girls CAN be preachers and anything else God calls them to be) – and a whole new spiritual world opened to me! Here was a church full of people who knew what I had come to believe in my heart – that there was nothing about being gay that was incongruent with being a follower of Christ because my God loved me just the way I was – the way God created me! Let me say that again – Jesus loves me, just the way I am. And furthermore, the Bible tells me exactly that; and I can prove it! Every one of us, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transsexual, heterosexual, asexual – is beautiful in God’s eyes, and God is crazy in love with us! I am utterly, unequivocally, and unshakably convinced of this truth, and my passion is to spend my life sharing that beautiful life-transforming reality with as many people as I possibly can. As our Lord said many times, let those who can hear, hear.

For me, Wet Feet Ministry is about standing at the edge of the roaring river that we call life and making the decision to strip our shoes and socks off and step into the river bed because God has invited us to. Looking right at the raging the water and knowing we could be swept away, straining to hear and be heard by each other over the sound of the rushing current, seeing the big logs pass by and then stepping right in there anyway, and trusting that the God who parted the Dead Sea and the Jordan River will part the water for us as well and let us cross over into the land and the life that is promised to us and to all who dare to believe. Come on, fellow adventurers in The Way – let’s do this!
On March 20th, 2016 Lisa was commissioned as Church Evangelist of Metropolitan Community Church Lubbock.

Now, it’s Franziska’s turn:

10006243_10152476488587873_7145415603609256878_nMy name is Franziska Garner. I was born in 1984 in Germany and have lived there until 2015. I studied English, History and Education, got a Bachelor and a Master degree and became a teacher. Twice I was elected guidance councelor by my students. I spent several months in a contemplative French monastery and helped organizing European youth meetings with up to 40.000 participants.
The big topic in my spiritual life is reconciliation. Not just reconciliation between the different denominations, but also between different religions and most important, reconciliation between our human self and the divine spark in each of us. It is that hunger for reconciliation that drives me.

I came to the United States to spend some months here and get to know the country. During that time I fell in love with Lisa. She came into my life like one huge signpost. I’ve always loved being a teacher but there was always something missing. The spiritual and religious component was just not there. I was able to teach kids about our world, but although I really tried, there was never enough space or time to teach them about the things beyond this world. Loving and marrying Lisa showed me very clearly that there was another path for me out there. A path that allows me to reconcile my passion to teach with my need to share what I think I understood about God. Lisa with her ideas and with the fire in her heart dragged me along the way into this ministry. And I truly believe that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


3 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. Thank you for standing up for those who have, for far too long, been told that God doesn’t love them!
    I am straight and married, but my momma taught me to love and accept everyone as they are.
    I struggled with finding a home church my entire life. as a child, out family pop-corned several churches, trying to find the right fit. I cannot say that we found our church home then, but after years of inquires my parents finally found a catholic church that would baptize my sister and I (our parents weren’t married and all the other churches refused to until they married – financial issues prevented that). We gave up on churches at some point around age 14.
    Because of my embracing my mom’s perspective of accepting EVERYONE, I had long ago decided that if I were to join a church, it would HAVE to be one that would accept and love homosexuals too. My thought was “What if any of my children ended up being gay?” (because in my mind, it isn’t a choice) I want then to feel accepted and loved by their church community- after all GOD LOVES US ALL, Right?

    At 25, I felt the call to go back to the church. My husband and I were separated and I was (temporarily) in a group home with (then 3) my children.
    There was a visiting Pastor/preacher so I marched up to him and said, “I am seriously looking to go back to church. Do you know of any that accept Homosexuals?”
    His one-word response to me was “Satanism”, so I walked away.
    I started dragging the kids to a church that had great amenities for kids and youth. After a while attending there, I still didn’t feel ‘a part of it’. Then the same-sex marriage law was overturned in California. At the beginning of one of the fellowship sessions, they prayed out loud something to the effect of ‘Thank God for getting it back to where it ought to be’. At that point I thought, “I HAVE GOT to find a new church”.
    I went to a program that helps parents to provide Christmas for their children, when the funds just simply aren’t there. It was at this church that I FINALLY found my home. They invited us to visit a service and when i asked my kids if they wanted to try another church, they all shouted YES! And we have been there ever since (except for a bit when I was employed at another one- and they demanded my sole focus, no there anymore) for more than 8 years.
    All of that was to say, that not all of those who consider themselves Christians are exclusionary.
    Thank you for giving those, who have been pushed away from God by ill-informed people, a place to love and be loved in God’s grace.
    God loves us all and I try to also!


    • Dear Bambi,
      thank you for your kind words. I admire you for so consequently looking for an inclusive church even although that inclusion does not directly affect you. I am very happy that you found a church where you not only feel safe but where you also feel your children can grow up understanding that yes, God loves us all.
      Thank you for supporting all of God’s children!
      Allies like you make me happy! 🙂


  2. Glad to have found you two and the ministry you are doing. It is so sad and aggravating to me as a christian person to see the condemnation, judgment and hatred shown to those who are LGTBQ, especially by those who are supposed to be known for their love. I believe behind all the labels that are placed upon people are human beings who are equal and loved by God. Everyone deserves to be treated as equals and with love and acceptance. I know none of us will agree on everything, but there is certainly no reason to treat others with any kind of meanness or condemnation even in our differences.


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