Just the way you are…

It was like that nightmare where you are strolling through a shopping mall, window shopping for living room furniture, sipping an Orange Julius and suddenly look down and realize that you are naked as the day you were born. All the dream people are looking at you with wide eyes and slack jaws and you have to decide if you are going to run out of the mall with all of your hidden glories jiggling around or stroll on through the Food Court speaking with a fake French accent and acting as if they’re all just a bunch of backwards Americans who wouldn’t know a minimalist fashion statement from a hole in the ground.

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365 days of Christmas

I am German and the German word for Christmas is “Weihnachten”. “Nacht” simply means “night”. Nothing too special here. It is in the first part of the word “weihen” where all the meaning is hidden. This word means “to dedicate”, “to bless”, “to anoint” and “to consecrate”. Yes, all those big words in one little verb. “Weihnachten” is a night of blessing.

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Der Wienerschnitzel

At first, I couldn’t tell  if she was crying, laughing or hyperventilating. Two weeks after arriving in the States, Franziska posted a video on her Facebook page. It was this particularly horrendous TV commercial for Der Wienerschnitzel restaurant, advertising their new bratwurst. We were still in this stage where I, and I guess all of her new American friends, were trying to outdo each other in introducing Franzi to the wonderful things that make us proud of our great country. I saw that video link, and thought to myself, “Oh. NO. No, no, no, no, no. NO.”. And then I clicked the link, which was clearly a video that she had recorded with her phone pointed at the TV screen, and in the background I hear her making these strange noises…

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