Romans 12:2 “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind…”

Revival: Def.: “a restoration to bodily or mental vigor, to life or consciousness”.

Sometimes, all it takes to restore vitality amongst the members of the Body of Christ is an opportunity to stand at the bank of the rushing river of Life in Christ and to listen for the voice of God, saying,
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” (Isaiah 43:19, The Message translation).

Wet Feet Ministry is all about encouraging followers of The Way to accept God’s welcoming challenge by to courageously take that first step into the water and cross over into a place spiritual transformation and restoration to bodily and mental vigor, to life and consciousness!
Because we acknowledge that God speaks to different people in different ways, Wet Feet Ministry offers a variety of revival options for a day, a weekend, or even a week of opportunities for encounters with God designed for spiritual awakening and recommitment.

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Lisa Garner has been a lay preacher for 33 years. Her passion is bringing the Good News God’s unfathomable ability and unending willingness to meet us and transform our lives right where we are, right when we need it! She is available to preach as renewal weekends or to fill a pulpit for a single Sunday or just a few weeks as needed.



Lamentations 3: 25-26
“The Lord is good to those who trust in him, to the one that seeks him; It is good to hope in silence…” (NRSV)

Zechariah 2:17
Silence, all people, in the presence of the Lord, who stirs forth from his holy dwelling.”

Having spent extended periods in silent retreat at a monastery in France over the years, Franziska Garner has learned what great gifts of renewal can come from learning the habit of intentional silence. Communion with God through silence, broken by periods of musical prayer and times of community meals and sharing throughout the day can be a beautiful and transforming experience. Wet Feet Ministry offers the opportunity for people to participate in a day long retreat and learn the way of this meaningful and moving form of prayerful communication with God which can be taken back to share with their home churches.



Lisa Garner, along with a team of teachers and facilitators, has a passion for helping others to engage with Christ through introspective examination of their own relationship with Him at any given time. At Wet Feet Ministries, we believe that the Holy Spirit moves in our midst and that She inspires and instructs us through honest questions and lively, respectful discussions about challenges and opportunities that arise in Christian Communities. Some of the workshop topics available are:

  • God, Gays and the Good News
  • From gas chamber to gay pride – The LGBTQ+ community in Germany
  • Reclaiming dignity – Dealing with spiritual abuse
  • “And I saw…” – God’s voice in visions and dreams
  • A shoulder to stand on – The history of LGBTQ+ America
  • “Bless the Lord, my soul…” – Finding God in silence and meditations
  • Many more!

Find a more detailed description of our workshops here.



Many of the friends of Wet Feet Ministry are talented career musicians who are available to perform their own concerts and sermons in song for your church, or to work with your own choir to put together a heart-lifting, soul-stirring Gospel concert within a couple of days. What a great way to get your praise on!