Silence (1) – Following the craving

Silence is rare in our every day life yet at the same time it is more important than ever before. We need to give our senses a break every now and then. Otherwise this storm of lights, sounds and smells that surrounds us daily would crush us. But unfortunately often enough we are unable to find it, not just because our surroundings are so loud but also because we have a hard time finding it in ourselves. Yet sometime the need for silence becomes a true craving. What is this craving? I believe it is God asking us to listen. Not just to Him but also to ourselves. It is God’s way of inviting you to give yourself a break and spend some quality time with him. It is an invitation to become intimate with God, to be with him in a deep, all consuming silence where you can feel him closer than at any other time.

But what about prayer then?

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