Few events can match the joyous occasion of a wedding! That moment when they look into each other’s eyes and say, “and forsaking all others, I give myself to you for as long as we both shall live…” , well, it gets me every time. I admit it; I am a hopeless romantic. And that’s why I became an ordained (licensed) Wedding Officiant. I perform Christian and secular wedding services in New Mexico and Texas for any couple who are legally eligible to be married in those states. I don’t believe that God discriminates against any couple, regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religious affiliation or for any other reason under the sun, so I don’t discriminate either. Love is love, and it is beautiful!

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Here are some of the couples Lisa had the honor to marry:

Liz and Shelby are high-school sweethearts. After almost a decade together they tied the knot in 2017 in a truly beautiful ceremony.


Ann and Gayla have been together for almost twenty years. In January 2016 it was time for them to marry. Read more about their wedding and Ann’s disbelief.



Kami and Kelly were married in December 2015. It is always a special joy to legally marry gay couples “by the power given to me by the constitution.” Read more about their beautiful wedding.

photo 4


Michael and Brandy were the first couple I ever joined in Holy Matrimony, so they have a special place in my heart. They were wed at the historic St. Paul on the Plains wedding chapel in Lubbock, Texas, and report that they are still as happy together now as they were on their wedding day!

Brandy 2



Chris and Melinda were married at a sunset ceremony overlooking Richland-Chambers Lake, just a few miles southeast of Corsicana, Texas. The only thing more beautiful than the evening sky was the obvious love that this couple had for each other. Sometimes, you join a couple together and you just know that they will remain together forever…

Chris 4

Chris Melinda Me group


Derek and Heather had such a wonderful wedding! The only thing more beautiful than the gorgeous cake and reception was the bride herself. I’m not exaggerating, even if this lovely woman is my niece!


Curtis and Cat: I think of these two as “The Officer and the Lady”. He is a police officer, but she has the handcuff key to his heart! Their children were include in the ceremony, making it one of the sweetest I have ever been privileged to perform.

Curtis 2

Curtis 4


Weston and Sarah: The key to this marriage is laughter! They told me that they laugh together all the time, and it proved to be true… even during the ceremony. They were married at the beautiful Legacy Event Center in Lubbock, TX.


Lusio and Michael (“Michelle”): Simple and sweet, these guys decided to hold their ceremony on a bridge under the trees. A long-term relationship made legal, theirs is a classic love story. I’ll never forget this couple or the joy of sharing in their big day.

lusio and michelle


(All pictures posted with the permission of the couples.)