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God, Gays and the Good News
Most members of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States grew up in one of the three big monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Leaders of all three religions turn back to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to condemn homosexuality. Let us look at this story more closely and find out what the sin of Sodom really was that made God so furious He had to destroy the whole city. This workshop focuses especially on LGBT issues in the Christian Bible.

From gas chamber to gay pride – The LGBTQ+ community in Germany
Have you ever wondered what members of the LGBT community in other countries experience while growing up? Is it hard for them to come out? Are the churches inclusive? What about discriminating laws, or marriage equality? Learn more about the LGBT community in Europe’s most populated country and Germany’s long way from gas chamber to gay pride.

Reclaiming dignity: Dealing with spiritual abuse
The majority of the LGBTQ+ community in the United States grew up in one of the three big monotheistic religions. Vast numbers of believers of each religion still condemn the LGBTQ+ community. Therefore a shocking number of us experienced unbearable pressure, conversion therapy, exclusion, rejection, exorcisms and many more kinds of abuse in their faith communities. How can we start on a journey to heal the wounds these experiences have left? How can we not only believe in healing but also in our right to be unharmed in the future?

And I saw…” – God’s voice in visions and dreams
Throughout the bible God speaks to various people through visions and dreams. Many people believe that in today’s world God does not talk to us anymore. But what if God does? What if God’s call, God’s love letters, God’s invitations and challenges come to us in dreams these days? Sometimes there are recurring dreams, good or bad, that haunt us for months, even years. Could it be God gently trying to get through? Find out more about visions and dreams in the bible and God’s voice in dreams today.

A shoulder to stand on – The history of LGBTQ+ America
The fight for marriage equality is won. The LGBTQ+ community becomes more visible and accepted daily. We did it. Who did it? Well, we! But who are “we”? Who are the people who started and fought the fight in the decades before us? Who are the parents of today’s LGBTQ+ movement? Who and where are the ones who paved the way to marriage equality and growing inclusion? Find out about the famous faces and the common people who worked so hard for our equality. Realize that you are a part of something that started decades ago! Learn about the history of your LGBTQ+ family!

Bless the Lord, my soul…” – Finding God in silence and meditation
Today’s world is louder and faster than it has ever been before. Even our prayers and our praise are often loud. Let’s come together and rediscover an ancient way to the peace of our Lord. Meditations, mantras and silence are as old as religion itself. Let’s find out if we contemporary people can open our heart, mind and soul to them and find a save place in God’s peaceful embrace. A retreat with songs, scripture readings, meditations and reflections. (90 minutes till up to a weekend)

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